PTA Officers SY 2016-2017


Greetings!Here is the list of our newly elected PTA Officers for the School Year 2016-2017.

PRESIDENT:        Mr. Michael Ng Cha   (Quezon City)


Child  :  Stanley John Ng Cha                  -     Toddler Love

 VICE-PRESIDENT            :        Mrs. Janice Chua   (Quezon City)

Child  :   Drake Trevor Chua                   -      Pre- Nursery  Hope


SECRETARY   :             Mrs. Riezel Ng

Child  :  Leigh Ciree Ng                             -      Sr. Emerald     

TREASURER  :            Mrs. Anne Tang

Child  :  Sharleen Reese Tang                  -      Jr. Daisy


PROJECT  MANAGERS  :   1)   Mrs. Joyleen Dianne Lim

Child  :  Jared Euan Lim                          -     Sr. Jade

                                         2)   Mrs. Trixie Gay Cheng

Child  :  Tyler Anderson Cheng             -     Pre- Nursery Hope

Other PTA Members:

Quezon City                      Child                                                      

$11.      Joderick Café  -    Jaylem Café               -   Sr. Diamond            

$12.      Mrs. Beverly Cu Chan  -     Markus De Ocampo     -   Jr. Daisy

$13.      Mrs. Magnolia Chua   -     Thomas Royce Chua      -   Jr. Lilac

$14.      Mrs. Lyn Militante  -     Rolly Marcus Militante, Jr.  -   Jr. Daffodil

$15.      Mrs. Irene Shangkuan -     Nicole Lareine Shangkuan    -   Sr Emerald                                     Joseph Barnaby Shangkuan  -   Pre-Nursery Joy

$16.      Mrs. Rizza May So    -     Annika So               -   Sr. Diamond

$17.      Mrs. Dottie Joy Sy    -     Evan Garett Sy       -   Sr. Emerald  

$18.      Mrs. Carrie Te        -     Ioannes Te               -   Jr. Lilac

$19.      Mrs. Eileen Ava Young   -     Bruce Wilson Young  -  Jr. Daisy

$110.Mrs. Deborah Yu  -     Briella Bliss Yu            -   Jr. Lilac       


Mooncake Festival 2015 Quezon City

TO : All Mother Goose Parents
FROM : Mrs. Karen Co, PTA President
DATE : September 18, 2015
RE :Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game  ( Q. C. )
Good Day!
The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is one of the more important holidays in the Chinese Lunar calendar.
The Mooncake Game was started about 1500 years ago by scholars craving success in imperial exams. Legend has it that one of Koxinga’s officers adapted the dice game rules to create the mooncake game in order to preoccupy homesick soldiers. For centuries afterwards Taiwan folk stayed up all night shouting and tossing dice to compete for the large flour cake with a red “Yuan” character in the center. –(Mooncake Game’s Origin and Rules by Dr. Bill Brown)
In keeping with this very important Chinese tradition, Mother Goose Nursery and the PTA have prepared a day of fun and exciting dice games for the students. Special prizes await them this Friday September 25, 2015, as they roll the dice to test their luck. As a precautionary measure relating to food allergies, the school will not be serving moon cakes to the students. However, parents are encouraged to have their children try this special treat to fully appreciate the small details of this special event.
Please have your child come in their favorite RED clothes. Please note that they do not need to bring their folder bags but still need to bring their snack bags and extra change of clothes.  Dismissal time will be as follows:
AM SESSIONS                                       DISMISSAL TIME
T. LOVE, T. CHARITY & PN HOPE                 10:00 AM        
JR. LOTUS, JR. DAISY &  JR. DAFFODIL        10:30 AM
SR. OPAL & SR. DIAMOND                         11:00 AM
PM SESSIONS                                                           DISMISSAL TIME
  TODDLER PEACE & PN FAITH                                      3:00 PM
    JR. TULIP & SR. EMERALD                                        3:00 PM      
Thank you for your usual support and kind attention.

Newly elected PTA officers 2015-16

DSC 0166Here is the list of our newly elected PTA Officers for the School Year 2015-2016.
PRESIDENT  :        Mrs. Karen Co  (Q.C.)
                           Child  :  Emerick Midas Co         -       Pre-Nursery Hope
                           Mrs. Jacqueline Liao  (San Juan)
                           Child  :  Erin Adriana Liao         -      Sr. Diamond
VICE-PRESIDENT : Mrs. Joyleen Lim
                            Child  :   Jared Euan Lim         -      Jr. Lotus
SECRETARY   :    Mrs. Riezel Ng
                         Child  :  Leigh Ciree Ng         -       Jr. Tulip
TREASURER    :   Mrs. Anne Tang 
                         Child  :  Sharleen Reese Tang         -     Pre-Nursery Hope
                                     Sherwin Royce Tang        -     Sr. Diamond
PROJECT  MANAGERS:   1)   Mrs.  Carrie Te
                                         Child  :  Ionnes Paulos Te          -    Pre-Nursery Faith
                                   2)   Mrs. Christine Sitosta
                                         Child  :  Arkin Calix Sitosta-    Toddler Peace
                                                     Jermaine Charles Sitosta    -    Jr. Tulip
                                  3)    Mrs. Irene Shangkuan 
                                         Child  :  Nicole Lareine Shangkuan   -   Jr. Tulip
1)    Mrs. Vida Chua Co
       Child :  Marissa Co  -     Sr. Emerald
2)    Mrs. Tina Pua
       Child : Rianne Ann Pua - Sr. Diamond

Chinese New Year 2015

PTA Presidents
Gong  Xi Fa Cai !
Chinese New Year is one of the most traditional Chinese holidays.  For the year 2015, February 19 marks the beginning of the Year of the Goat.
Here at Mother Goose, it is important for us that our children learn to appreciate our rich Chinese heritage.
In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we would like to invite all students to come to school wearing different Chinese costumes or anything red on February 18, Wednesday.  There will be a special Lion Dance that will definitely entertain the children.
Please take note that our Chinese New Year Celebration will be held only in the morning at Quezon City.  This means that all students in the afternoon sessions will come in the morning.  NO CLASSES in the afternoon.
We are requesting all students to be in the school before 7:30 am.  The Lion Dance  will start at 8:00 am sharp.  Please mark this date on your calendars.
Dismissal of all students will be as follows:  Please fetch your children on time.
10:30 am -T. Love, T. Charity, PN Hope, & PN Faith  (Q.C. & SJ)
10:45 am -All Juniors  (Q.C.  &  SJ)
11:00 am -All Seniors  (Q.C.  &  SJ)
Please also note that there will be no classes on February 19, 2015, Thursday, in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Senior Prom

DATE :January 06, 2015
For the first time in the history of Mother Goose Nursery, the Parent Auxiliary Officers, with permission from the school, is planning to organize a Senior Prom for our outgoing Senior Nursery Students on March 7, 2015 (Saturday) from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at one of the ballrooms of the Quezon City Sports Club.
In this activity, our senior students are invited to wear their most beautiful formal attire as they dance the Waltz with their classmates and with one of their parents.  They will also get to enjoy some simple games and win fabulous prizes.
The estimated cost of this activity assuming that all 54 Senior Nursery Students will be participating is Php 1,800.00 for a buffet dinner for two (one student and one parent) or Php 2,500.00 for a buffet dinner for three (one student and two parents).  The participation fee will also cover the costs of decors and lighting equipment.
The Parent Auxiliary Officers believe that this activity would create a very unique and quite memorable experience for both the outgoing Senior Nursery Students and their parents.
In order for us to push through with this activity, we would like to conduct a quick survey in order to find the total number of participants for this event.  Kindly submit the Reply Slip on or before January 12, 2015.
We look forward to your positive response upon this matter