About us

By: Josephine C. Yao, School Directress

Nothing happens unless first a dream. Nearly 38 years ago, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was going to open the FIRST Chinese Nursery School in Metro Manila and...I did. The school began its operations on January 9, 1974.

The first group of students, 9 of them, was formed. Two of them were my own children. Kim was only 2 years old and Karl was 4 1/2. Tuition was paid on a monthly basis. After two weeks, the number of students grew to 12. After two months, it ballooned to 19.

My first batch of students had classes from January to June, and a second batch had classes for one full year. Our very first graduation ceremony was held on the street outside our school. A temporary stage was built, and the children performed on the make shift stage. Parents watched happily while sitting on their small chairs.

In 1976, Teacher Remy Bacani was hired. She was our first teacher at Mother Goose Nursery. She has served the school for over 26 years.

During the same year, we had our first Christmas Party at the Village Garden Restaurant. When the parents decided to bring the entire family instead of limiting only to Mother Goose students, the result was a disaster.

In 1978, Teacher Irma Bustillo joined us at Mother Goose Nursery. To date she has served the school for 34 years.

In 1981, our school became too crowded. The inflow of students caused us to plan an expansion program to help accommodate the increasing number of interested students. Thus, a fund raising musical concert at the Folk Arts Theater was held with the help of Ms. Bella Tan. The grand prize was a red Mitsubishi Lancer. We invited famous guests like Lea Salonga, Leo Valdez, and the APO Hiking Society, who were also our emcees. I used whatever amount of funds raised to secure the Don Manuel property (where Mother Goose Nursery School stands today). Even though it wasn’t enough, it was a start.

In 1990, heavy rains caused a massive flood at the school. All our books, literature, database records, and furniture were destroyed. An emergency meeting was held, and classes were suspended for a month. But after the heavy rains. We re-built the school and started from scratch. The final result of the re-building process left many parents very satisfied with Mother Goose. And as a result, up to now, parents continue to recommend their relatives and friends to bring their children to study at our school. Now we are serving the second generation – the children of our alumni!

In 1994, my daughter, Kim Lorrie C. Yu, graduated from the same course I had finished at the University of the Philippines - B.S. in Family Life & Child Development. She graduated with honors - Magna Cum Laude and was the College Valedictorian of the College of Home Economics. She was the Assistant Directress of Mother Goose Nursery School. At the same time, Kim completed her Master’s thesis in Guidance & Counseling.

Today, Parenting Seminars are held every year. Throughout the 35 years, we've had speakers like John Dowling, Francis Kong, Dr. Roldan, Clem Gullermo, Ping Valencia, Pastor Radziwil Santiago, Teresita Ang See, Rafael Reloza, Dr. Tumbocon, Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juadiong, Mr. Colayco etc. come to our school and speak. We believe that children aren’t only our responsibilities, the parents are, too.

On September 26, 2009, the whole school was destroyed by the typhoon Ondoy leaving our Mother Goose students “homeless”.

It is during the difficult times that we realized the powerful strength of the human spirit. Mrs. Leony Ang, the owner of “Verleo Catering” supplied food from more than forty (40) people each day. Parents supplied us forty workers each day. Mr. Steven Lim and Mrs. June Lim supplied us with volunteer fighters. Hundreds of parents donated cash and computers, furnitures, etc.

But the most touching gesture of all was the “open-hearted” generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Qua, the owner of cold storage, who donated their 900 sq meter house and lot for temporary use of Mother Goose Nursery to continue the schooling of their students.

It was then at the lowest moment of my life that I realized that we all need help from others to get over the rough parts in the journey of life. I have learned that love is everywhere, and that even in the darkest moments, there is always the promise of a better future.

There is a solution to every problem out there. No matter how desperate the situation is, there will always be someone that we can turn to. With the new found hope we eventually rebuilt our school in seven (7) months time, and as they say, the rest is history!

In ending let me say!
We shape our lives on earth - not by how long we live but what we leave behind. Who amongst us really knows God’s timetable for us? Let us therefore celebrate life, live it to the fullest. I have learned to give and take. I have learned that giving is easier than taking. I have learned that love is everywhere and that even in the darkest moments, there is always the promise of a better future. I have learned that if we do not strive hard and well, future promises will evade us, and I know that this is a place where we all give each other a helping hand in the upward climb to success.